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There are a million stories in the Soggy City. This is one of them:

Who is The Soggy Blogger?

The city is Seattle. A city of mossy sidewalks and towering buildings; climbing hills and teriyaki joints. In the summer months, and when the sun is out, there is an air of celebration to the place that is palpable even on a Monday morning. By Friday, it's all but lightheaded. In spite of this, the fact remains that for most of the year, this is a Soggy City.

Her name is Anne. Born on the 5th of May, 1975, she was brought up alongside her three brothers in the outskirts of St. Paul, Minnesota. Raised by two loving parents, she attended Catholic elementary and high schools. Her Catholic guilt complex, to this day, is kryptonite to her. At the tender age of twenty-two, she headed west, seeking whatever the future would have in store for her, here in the Pacific Northwest. She remains here still.

By day, she works as a full-time nanny for a family of three boys, and can be seen chauffering them around town in the superfabulous white wonder that is the Nannyvan. On any given night, you might find her holed up in her Queen Anne hideout, dining with her cronies, or taking shelter with friends in a local watering hole. Even among her regular crowd, her secret identity remains hidden: the only two beings admitted behind her veil of secrecy are her superhusband, Colin, and her trusty feline sidekick, Zoe.

With the help and support of her two faithful companions, she sets out each day to exercise her writing skills, improve her vocabulary, and build upon her scant knowledge of HTML. In the depths of her hideout, she sits at the computer, braving the murky regions of blogspace, posting and commenting and improving her template.

She is short. She is friendly. She is writing in the third person. She is...


...The Soggy Blogger.

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