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Friday, May 02, 2003  


Well, okay, maybe not. But it could happen...

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The Office.

I don't work in an office, but I do love the show and highly recommend it.

That is all.

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All About Me.

As a school project, my five-year-old friend had to come up with a list of "getting to know you" questions, and interview the important people in his world. (and what an honor to be considered one!) The answers aren't all that captivating, but the questions themselves offer quite an interesting peek into the world of a kindergarten boy:

What color are your eyes? Brown or green, they change.

What is your favorite color? Right now, apple green.

What is your family like? How does one even begin to answer this question? I said "friendly."

What is your favorite thing to play? "Let's Hop In the Car and Go On a Day Trip"

Can you tell time? Yes.

Do you like reading? Yes.

Do you like playing Army Troops? Not really.

What foods do you like? Indian is my favorite. And I like vegetables more than fruits.

What is your house like? We will see -- I am looking for one.

Who is your favorite Star Wars character? Lando Calrissian(sp?), but I like the name Boba Fett.

And there you have it. Everything a five-year-old boy would want to know about me. (Note the obvious lack of "how old are you and what is your job" type questions...) Have I answered all of the questions honestly? Yes. Does this composite give the reader a fairly good idea of who I am? I am not so sure. You tell me. What types of questions would you ask?

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Thursday, May 01, 2003  

It starts.

Last night, Colin and I attended the last of our "Homebuying 101" classes at the local community college. We learned many useful things; the difference between brokers and lenders, that you should never rely on the newspaper as a house-finding method, and that I can't figure out the math behind mortgages to save my life. I find the whole process to be rather daunting, though I've been told by countless friends and family members to relax, and that, as long as you find a good realtor and lending agent, it's actually quite easy and fun. Granted, these are the same people I've watched practically pulling their hair out, digging through their sofa cushions for loose change, manic with lack of sleep and the stress of buying their own homes. Perhaps it's a bit like childbirth, and your body forgets the pain after it's over...

Our teacher told us, "There's a house out there for everyone in this room. You may think you have found it, but then things won't work out, and you may feel crushed. Just remember that when you find the house you're meant to be in, it will choose you." This is somewhat comforting, especially as the housing market in Seattle right now is not about to let us be all that choosy. It's good to know that the burden of responsibility will fall to someone else's hands.

But really, why would a house choose one person over another? Though I am not convinced of it, I am not above the idea that an inanimate object can have some degree of independent agency. I just wish I knew what the deciding factors would be. I have read that people, by a large margin, buy more yellow houses than any other color. What about the house itself? Would it prefer I was a blonde? If people are drawn to the smell of freshly-baked banana bread or apple pie, does a home have a desired "comfort odor?" Am I okay to wear my Anna Sui eau-de-parfum, or should I sprinkle myself with a bit of 409 or WD40 before I go looking? Just what does a house look for in an owner, and do we have it?

I guess that, sooner or later, we'll find out. And that's what's scary.

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Okay, one more.

I am becoming addicted to this, and must stop...

April 29, 2003 Spitting images.

I trekked up told the Creek

Drank the Earth The

weather was shopping

at around 5am. Weird.

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It's so...deep.

I have to thank Nicole for introducing me to this site, which generates poems from the content of any website. Hours of mindless fun. This is my favorite poem that was generated from The Soggy Blogger:
The importance of career.

Because they have required

a great little

picnic in a recipe Okay, I

trekked up the Soggy blog. rather be

clever to go about it...

is the dumps?

Tuesday April 29, PM

backBlog , Soggy Feedback Ebert. as

worthy if you

get through downtown

traffic in the First Amendment,

understand that this fish had to always

be perpetuating.

I especially enjoy the last two lines...

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Wednesday, April 30, 2003  

Spitting images.

I got my pictures back today from Sunday's trip out to the Dungeness Spit. Thought I'd share some of my favorites:

The spit is about five miles long, and it is covered in driftwood and smooth, rounded stones. I repeatedly cursed the parks department for making the rule that you can't take anything away with you -- except your garbage, which you must. Does it sound incredibly geeky to say that we found a lot of really cool rocks while we were there?

After being on the spit for a while, you realize how much people like to play with cool things that wash up on the beach. We kept running across makeshift rock sculptures, and we also found that someone had thought it would be clever to spell out the word "SANTANA" in huge driftwood letters. I would have loved to have gotten a picture of that, but I couldn't get a good angle. It would have required a helicopter, which I don't have.

This is the bird that joined us for lunch. It flew over and perched nearby the minute we took out our sandwiches. And as soon as the last bite was gone, he flew away. We didn't take it personally.

We would have loved to have hiked all the way to the end, but the rocks and wood made for slow going. So we only got as far as this shipwreck before we had to turn around and walk back. I think it was about a mile and a half.

After that, the ferry home.

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Okay, I admit it. The salmon was good. Really good. Flavorful and tender and really easy to prepare. I am so pleased with this recipe, in fact, that I am giving it to you:

Miso Marinated Salmon

  • 2 lbs fresh salmon, cut into 4 oz pieces
  • 10 oz white miso paste
  • 1/2 stalk lemongrass, minced
  • 2 tbsp ginger, minced
  • 2 cloves garlic, chopped
  • 6 oz sake
  • 2 oz mirin (rice wine)
  • 2 tbsp oil (I used regular old vegetable oil...)

1. Cut salmon into 4 oz pieces and marinate with all ingredients except the oil. Allow 4 - 6 hours for marinating time.

2. Cook salmon pieces in the oil, allowing them to brown on both sides without burning. Finish in the oven if necessary.

Serves 4.

...I served this with an incredibly good and simple bok choy stir fry -- recipe from Cook's Illustrated. Though I used the stovetop/oven method last night, I do think that you could grill the salmon, if you wished.

Mmmmmm...barbecued salmon...

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Tuesday, April 29, 2003  

Miso angry.

A few months back, I was shopping at my local little grocery store, and while passing by the cooking demonstration kiosk, I picked up a recipe for their Miso Marinated Salmon. Upon my arrival back home, I posted it on my refrigerator, where it has remained, quietly waiting for my attention, until today.

For some reason, this morning I got a miso-marinated bee in my bonnet and decided that tonight would be the night. "Tonight," I decided, "we shall eat salmon...and it shall be of the Asian-flavored variety." So I trekked up the hill to the Thriftway in search of ingredients: Overpriced salmon... check. Lemongrass...check. Ginger...check. Sake...check. White miso paste... Uuh......WHITE MISO PASTE..?

It turns out that this particular store doesn't carry white miso paste, regardless of the fact that they hand out recipes in which white miso paste is the title ingredient. I had to go to another grocery store to get it. Does this seem odd to anyone else besides me?

This fish had better be damn tasty, that's all I can say...

Word of the day: cynosure: (SY-nuh-SHUUR), n. A center of attention or interest, focal point. ("The Soggy Blogger is excited for her salmon dish, though the cynosure of its seasoning was not to be found at the Queen Anne Thriftway.")

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Down in the dumps? Tuesday got you blue? Need a little pick-me-up to get through the day?

What could be a better spirit-lifter than free ice cream?

Thanks, Ben. Thanks, Jerry.

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Monday, April 28, 2003  


Yesterday, Colin and I packed up some sandwiches and took a day trip to the Dungeness Spit, just outside of Sequim (pronounced "skwim"), WA. We were only able to hike about a third of the way out before we had to turn back, so we didn't make it all the way to the cool lighthouse at the end, which we regret. At some point, perhaps this summer, we'd like to be able to camp up there and spend the whole day walking out there and back.

Though we didn't see any puffins like we had hoped we might, we were able to see some interesting wildlife along the way; on the trip out, Colin spied some sea-lions under the Hood Canal Bridge, we saw lots of cool bird species (I won't bore you with the names) along the spit, and a herd of elk on the way home. Also a dead coyote along the road, but that was gross and sad more than anything.

All in all, a lovely day was spent. The weather was gorgeous, we were able to utilize the Washington State Ferry System (my favorite mode of transportation), we had a great little picnic in a great big place, and I returned with the ceremonial first sunburn of the year... A prickly little harbinger spring.

Word of the day: saturnalia: (SAT-ur-NAY-lee-uh), n. Licentious merrymaking, unrestrained revelry. ("The Soggy Blogger's weekend of saturnalia has drawn to a close, and it is now time for serious work...though the weather suggests otherwise.")

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