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Friday, June 06, 2003  

Red Cells.

Today, while stopped at a red light, I saw one of those teeny-tiny little bright red spiders scramble across the windshield of the nannyvan. This reminded me of when I was little -- about four or five years old, I think. Those little spiders are so small, and so red, that I used to think they were "red blood cells" that had somehow escaped from someone's body, and were walking around.

This, from a doctor's daughter...

What did you used to believe?

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Thursday, June 05, 2003  


I am not, as many of my gender, a connoissuer of shoes. I am grateful for shoes, certainly; especially when walking around in the out-of-doors and happening to chance upon some broken glass, or one of those annoying joggers who think it's okay to hawk a huge loogie right in the middle of the sidewalk. Or when using a public restroom... There are many things out there in the world that I don't want coming into contact with the soles of my bare feet. Call me squeamish, but so it is.

But no, I am not a true collector of shoes, like many women I know... though I do own more than a few pairs. As a not unfashionable (albeit, generally casually so) woman in her late twenties, I know the protocol. Certain shoes go with certain clothes, but I tend to own the bare minimum that is acceptable within my wardrobe. One exception, of course, being flip-flops, which don't really count, anyway, because they are generally cheap, and practically disposable. And really more of a glorified slipper, anyway.

The reason for my shoe apathy is simple: I have Barney Rubble feet. Short and squarish, they are most comfortable when un-shod, and absolutely refuse to fit into anything resembling a "cute, strappy sandal." So I don't own any. "Delicate" is not a word you would use to describe my choice of shoe. Manolo Blahnik be damned; I like my feet too much to blister and callous them for the sake of fashion. This condition has rendered me pretty much immune to the sight of shoes in store windows -- my friends will say "ooooooooooooh! cute shoes!" and I will forge ahead, knowing that they would probably not fit me. In my life, shoes are just not something to get excited about.

But I do have a new favorite. I bought a pair of Chaco sandals a while back, and can't stop singing their praises. They are rugged, they are light, they are comfortable, and they are -- added bonus -- machine washable. The straps are actually one long, continuous strap that snakes along under the footbed, thus providing -- with a tug -- extra room and maneuverability anywhere its needed. I already have tan (okay, a darker shade of pale) triangles on the tops of my feet, showing the negative image of where the straps criss-cross...and it's only June fifth! I do believe I am falling in love.

Okay. Enough shoe talk. I have sat at this desk long enough. It's gorgeous out, and I'm going out to play...

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Tuesday, June 03, 2003  


I know, I know... I have been neglecting The Soggy Blogger these last few days. It's just that the weather has been so nice, and between that and getting all my spring cleaning done (finally! wahoo!), I haven't really been ... in my brain, so to speak.

I will be back soon, but until then, please take some time to amuse yourself with these Lego letters. (you can stack 'em!) Make your name, make a little town out of your name...make a desk!

(Both sites courtesy of the never-ending treasure chest that is iconomy.)

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